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FUCARE 1bar bubble-tight air tight damper FC-RLD-HP launched


FUCARE launched its 1bar bubble-tight (Zero-leakage) air tight damper, FC-RLD-HP, for special applications such as high-level air tightness for NBC shelters, admin buildings of nuclear power plants and other critical conditions to which the fluctuating overpressure may deteriorate, damage or destroy regular air tight dampers. 

FC-RLD-HP, is designed to provide bubble-tight (zero-leakage) tightness under maximum 100KPa differential pressure and could stand maximum 180KPa differential pressure without permanent deformation.
The product lines are available with both manual version and motor version. When equipped with a motor, this air tight damper can shut off the duct in 3 seconds. 
For more product details, please visit product page. FC-RLD-HP

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FUCARE is one of the world’s leading suppliers on air safety solutions with particular focus on high-performance blast protection solutions.
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