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The Nineth International Colloquium on Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading and Events (PROTECT 2024) is going to be held in this August. FUCARE is proud to become one of the platinum sponsors of this event.
FC-RLD-HP/LP product line would be able to perfectly work with high-performance blast valves and blast dampers to provide reliable protection against threats from blast, nuclear, biological and chemical agents.
FUCARE announced the new generation FC-BRV-21 high-performance blast damper, has had its case be rated by IP68 at SGS, in terms of the Water & Dust proof performance according to standard IEC 60529:1989+A1:1999+A2:2013.
FUCARE announced that its ballistic doors product line, FC-BPD-PH Ballistic Doors, have been certified by Intertek according to standard UL752 Level 8 and NIJ Level III, which presents the high-performance protective solution.
FUCARE has launched its new generation blast dampers, FC-BRV-21 High-performance Blast Dampers, which are designed for those applications where high air- flow-rate and perfect blast protection are required.
FUCARE’s FC-BRV-02 Rapid Blast Damper makes itself greatly distinguished from other alternatives with its opposite design philosophy
FUCARE has launched its ballistic window product line, FC-BPW High Security Ballistic Windows. They are designed to provide high-level ballistic protection for high-risk military installations, government buildings, embassies, and VIP residences.
FUCARE announces donation of 12 sets 5L/min Medical Oxygen Concentrators to India Red Cross to help people there fighting COVID-19.
FUCARE management systems including Quality, OHS and Environment, certified by TUV SUD
FUCARE upgraded its FC-BRD-01 blast door product line with new generation of hardware carrying enhanced performance on robustness, durability and maintenance-free.
FUCARE launched its new air tight damper product line, FC-RLD-LP heavy-duty bubble-tight(Zero leakage) dampers, to support the increasing demands on high-level air tightness in critical applications.
FUCARE launched FC-RBV-31(E) High Performance Exhaust blast valves, which is one of FC-RBV-31 series round type blast valve line. It is developed for working as passage of exhausted gas while providing blast protection.
FUCARE recently received the ATEX certification by TUV Rheinland for FC-RBV-11 High Performance Blast Valves. The new certification proves FC-RBV-11 High Performance Blast Valves could be safely working in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Today, FUCARE relaunches its round type blast valve line, FC-RBV-31 High Performance Blast Valve, which was initially launched in early 2016. Upgraded product line makes it much easier to select and install products.
FUCARE announces donation of 10,000 pieces of medical face masks to Milan city of Italy, which has been hit hard by the outbreak of COVID-19 and shortage of medical supply has been a serious issue for local communities’ efforts in combatting the virus.
FUCARE announces it will extend standard product warranty to its blast valves and blast dampers product lines from Mar 1st of 2020 with maximum term to 10 year.
FUCARE launched its new generation of heavy-duty hinges for blast doors, probably the first IP65 rated enhanced by self-aligning bearing in the world.
FUCARE launched its 1bar bubble-tight (Zero-leakage) air tight damper, FC-RLD-HP, for special applications such as high-level air tightness for NBC shelters.
"FUCARE FC-RBV-11 High Performance Blast Valves are quieter during operation than expected.", a KNPC delegation team which was conducting on-site inspection at HUNTER facility in early August, commented.
FUCARE FC-RBV-11 high performance blast valves assure the success of BASF MIRA project on which the chemical process has strict requirement to air flow supply.
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