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FUCARE is the safety company specializing in developing safety product solutions with focus on blast protection systems. The company was founded in 2011 and then has developed a comprehensive blast safety product range for global customers. With its tremendous invest in technology revolution through latest research technology and continuous innovations, FUCARE has featured its product offering range with high safety performance, high functional performance and competitive pricing which are very difficult for other suppliers to achieve.

Our Advantages

[ Professional R&D team ]
FUCARE is experienced in structural design against blast waves in the following areas:

  • Blast wave dynamic analysis
  • Blast load and its effect to structures
Figure 1: Blast load and its effect to structures


  • Flow efficiency in different structures
Figure 2: Flow efficiency research


[High performance product solutions]
With state of the art product design FUCARE is able to provide high performance products which carry more safety margin for customers. All product solutions have been certified and some product lines have been internationally certified.

[ISO9001-2015 Certified]
With ISO9001-2015 quality system, FUCARE applies the strictest quality management to the products.

[Strong Technology Support]
FUCARE has a professional team to satisfy customers in technology consulting, customized solution development. FUCARE is also able to provide remote support by means of video conferences, web meetings so as to serve the needs of International customers.

[Proved by Market]
FUCARE has served a great number of customers in defense and industry market segments. Our customers include reputable owners, such as PETROL CHINA, SINO PEC, ExxonMobil, BP, Qatar Petroleum, KOC, BASF, Petronas and EPCs, such as CCC, Petrofac, WorelyParsons, Technip, on many projects. FUCARE also has served military projects for governments in North America, Middle-East and South-Asia.