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FUCARE blast protection solutions serves Kuwait Oil Company project


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( Images are from SS websites for reference)

Recently, FUCARE has delivered the rapid blast dampers to refinery project of KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) through major modular building supplier, Specialist Services. It’s the 3rd time that FUCARE's rapid blast dampers have been applied to modular blast resistant buildings.  The previous cases were Exxon Mobil Longford gas plant project through ABB and Qatar engineering center through Red Sea.

FUCARE's rapid blast dampers are featured with rapid response to blast waves (Probably are the fastest in the market) and therefore they offer very high impulse block rate (FUCARE's Rapid blast dampers’ blast impulse block rate is higher than 98.5% tested at 2 bar peak pressure reflected).

In confined space, there isn’t enough room to mitigate the overpressure quickly, so the leakage of blast waves through blast dampers will stay inside building and might cause damage. The outstanding safety feature of FUCARE's rapid blast dampers provides extra safety margin to the confined space applications.

For more details of FUCARE rapid blast dampers, please contact FUCARE or local distributors.