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FUCARE blast safety solution serving BASF-Petronas aromos project



FUCARE has signed a contract with BASF-Petronas aromas plant project on blast protection solutions of HVAC systems. FLUOR plays the role of EPCM (engineering, procurement and construction management) on this project. Under the terms of the contract, FUCARE will be providing all required rapid blast valves for menthol drum filling station of the new plant.


The blast valves to be provided for BASF-Petronas project are FUCARE RAPID BLAST VALVES FC-BRV-01 with the features of very short closing time and approximate 100% blast impulse block. These blast valves are also able to stand high energy blast waves characterized with high peak pressure and long duration far exceeding the OGP blast protection criteria so as to provide extra safety margin for the HVAC system.


FUCARE is one of the world’s leading suppliers on air safety solutions with particular focus on high-performance blast protection solutions.

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About BASF-Petronas aromas plant project

In 2013, BASF and Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad announced a US$ 500 million investment in an integrated aroma ingredients project at their existing joint venture site BASF Petronas Chemicals in Gebeng, Kuantan. With this investment, the partners would help meet the globally growing demands of customers in the flavour and fragrance industry, especially in Asia Pacific.  

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