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FUCARE Upgrading Air Flow Test System



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By Dec 24 of 2015, FUCARE has completed its important upgrade of air flow test system in the factory lab. The new air flow test system fully complies with AMCA test standard and contains a large chamber of 15.6m3 which enables FUCARE to test a whole range of dampers for pressure drop tests and leakage tests.  Regarding its unique huge size, it might be the largest air flow test system in the industry for dampers.  All monitoring meters are provided by KIMO with control and data processing software developed for FUCARE’s test procedures to assure the high efficiency of the test process.

The new air test system will help FUCARE to get accurate performance data for large size dampers either under developing or currently manufactured. It also enables FUCARE to support those customers who want to test each single product before shipment at a reasonable cost.

FUCARE specializes in developing and manufacturing high performance safety products, such as rapid blast dampers, rapid blast valves, gas tight dampers, etc. For more information, please visit FUCARE international website.

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