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FUCARE Registered as the Global Vendor of SINOPEC Group



At the end of May,  2015,  SINOPEC group sent a audit team whose members are experts in different fields and from various departments, including supplier management bureau, Sinopec Engineering Incorporation, etc. to FUCARE company for on-site supplier audit.  The audit team strictly evaluated the status of FUCARE management systems, such as quality, OHSAS and enviromental management systems. The audit team also visited the production lines and even talked to workers to probe the actual performance of management systems. When giving the feedback , the audit team affirmed the well-performed management systems and also made specifc suggestions concerning improvements. Based on the report by on-site audit team, SINOPEC group decided to approve FUCARE as the registered vendor of SINOPEC group in the global base.


FUCARE has been servering SINOPEC safety solutions through distributiors in years. However the latest official registration will help FUCARE's distriutors  to easily serve SINOPEC thanks to the green passport.


SINOPEC group is one of the largest oil and petrolchemical companies in the world. In 2014, the annual turnover of SINOPEC group is 457.2 billion USD, which makes it rank 3rd in Fortune Global 500 and rank 2nd in OGP industry, just behind Shell.


As a global operator, SINOPEC have invested many projects in oversea incuding Middle East, South Asia, America, Africa, etc.