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Safety because of FAST


Goal keeper is one of the most important players in a team. A talented goal keeper has multiple skills in defending but all those skills depend on a key element, that is, fast response time.

In safety industry, all blast resistant devices are always muscled to stand target impulse. For some products, sufficient mechanical strength is everything regarding the blast resistance performance such as blast walls and blast doors. However, for blast resistant devices performing as vent valves, the response time of a product becomes critical to its safety performance. The blast waves always propagate at high speeds and pass through a position in a short time which varies from microseconds to hundreds of milliseconds. In this case, safety not only depends on the strength of the product but also the response time. In fact, a vent device will be impacted at negligible level by blast waves if it maintains open because the overpressure just gets through it and the overpressure on its lateral side becomes equivalent in a very short time. 

To sum up, for blast-resistant vent devices, safety only exists because of FAST response time.