FUCARE provides comprehensive blast protection products for shelters including blast valve, blast damper, blast door, blast window and other supporting lines.
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FC-BRW-EI Blast window

FC-BRW-EI enhanced blast windows are designed to provide blast protection up to 2 bar reflected by long duration or up to 5 bar reflected by 5ms. FC-BRW-EI enhanced blast windows can remain fully functional after one or multiple blast hits thanks to design that all the components, including frame and laminated glass layers, work in elastic range under the blast grade mentioned. 

The frames of FC-BRW-EI are available with multiple options to meet various applications such as in-wall installation for benefits of energy saving and minimum cleaning work. 
+ Features&Benefits

·         Be able to stand multiple blast hits
Able to stand multiple blast impacts and provide protection all the time

·         Maintain all functions after blast hits
Minimize the maintenance job to replace the windows after the blast accident.

·         Optional 2-hour fire rated protection
Comply with NFPA, UL standards regarding fire-proof performance.

·         Good corrosion resistant performance
Frames are made of chemical-resistant materials such as epoxy coated steel, stainless steel, etc.

+ Specifications

Frame materials: Epoxy coated steel/HGS/SS

Glass: Multiple laminated glass layers

Design blast grade: >2 bar-long duration / 5 bar-5ms

Fire rated (Optional): 2 hours (NFPA, UL) 

Glass module size (W x H mm): 900x1100

+ PN

ATO: FCBRWEI-[A]-[B]-[C]-[D]-[E]


Frame type

1. On-wall

2. On-wall with rain shield


Frame material

1. SS316

2. SS304

3. Epoxy coated steel

4. HGS


Fire rated

1. 2 hours

2. No


Raw numbers






Column numbers





+ Certificates

Blast type test done by ASTM F1642, GSA-TS01 at Intertek lab

+ Applications

·         Civil defense

·         OGP

·         Chemical

·         Nuclear power

·         Others

+ Literature