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FC-BPW-7 Bullet proof Window

FC-BPW series bullet-proof window provides protection to many high-risk military installations, government buildings, embassies and VIP residences. Bullet resistant glass is manufactured from several layers of glass bonded together with tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers.


The frames of FC-BPW Bullet-proof Windows are available with multiple options to meet various applications.

+ Features&Benefits

·         Equiped with Class 7 bullet-proof

Provides protection against 7.62mm bullets by multiple hits in close range. The maximum size of single glass plate is up to width of 3.6m and height of 2.4m.

·         Customized metal frame

Mutiple options available upon customer's request.

+ Specifications

Test setup


Type of weapon



Test distance

No. of shots

Striking distance




Steel core

5 Meters



Test result:

No penetration observed. The fragment-collection panel behind glass at distance of 0.45 meter doesn’t catch any debris.

+ PN
Please contact FUCARE distributor or sales representative to request PN upon specific requirements.
+ Certificates
Bullet-proof performance of glass was verified by China national lab
+ Applications
  • Civil defense
  • Government facility
  • Home emergency shelter
+ Literature