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FC-INF-DF Compact Inertial Filter(Sand separator)

FC-INF-DF Inertial filter is compact, self-cleaning, and modular designed, to serve the demands on high-efficiency dust filtering of large volumes of air at low flow resistance. 
It is a completely steel structured product which separates dust by mechanism of multiple-phase flow dynamics, with no need of replaceable purifying materials. The dust separated will be bleed out by a small bleeding fan.  The air consumed by bleeding fan ranges from 10% to 15% depending on efficiency mode. The product is maintenance-free for long-term service. 
The comprehensive 3rd party lab tests have proved that FC-INF-DF is one of the best inertial filters in market. 
FC-INF-DF Inertial filter can fit most of the applications such as air conditioning and ventilating systems in heavy industrial conditions, areas with dust, sand storms or other solid particles in the air.
+ Features&Benefits
  • Compact design
    Filtering chamber with its size much smaller than market average, yet providing the same clean flow rate without any compromise to filtering efficiency. A single-cell FC-INF-DF compact inertial filter, by size of W204xH925xD650(mm), can offer flow rate of clean air by 2050 m3/h (1200 cfm) at Δ250Pa (1.0 in.w.g). It also can help customers to save energy. 
  • High dust filtering efficiency
    Featured with innovative T-shape filtering panels, FC-INF-DF inertial filter can offer filtering rate up to A2 88% and A4 94%, which proves it has been one of the best inertial filters in the world. It could significantly help customers to reduce expenses on disposable filters of HVAC system and also save the energy of offsetting the clog of filters in long term. 
  • Easy cleaning by removable filtering panels
    The filtering panels(Blade packs) could be easily pulled out for cleaning then put back. 
  • Low working noise
    Thanks to its low flow resistance and compact design by which the filtering chamber contains more steel panels, the working noise of a twin-cell set is only 80dBA at pressure drop of 250Pa.
+ Specifications

Working mode

Filtering Efficiency

Clean Air Flow Rate 
(Single cell&layer)


High-Efficiency, Up to A2 88% and A4 94% at bleed air of 15%

1,980 cmh
1,165 cfm


Regular-Efficiency, Up to A2 83% and A4 92% at bleed air of 10%

2,050 cmh
1,200 cfm

+ PN

ATO PN:   FC-INF-DF-[A]-[B]-[C]-[D]-[E]-[F]

ATO Code





L10- 1 layer

L15-1.5 Layers

L20- 2 layers

L25-2.5 Layers

L30- 3 layers


Cells per layer

C1-1 cell

C2- 2 cells

C3- 3 cells


Frame material



3-Galvanized steel



Filtering panel material



3-Galvanized steel



Bleed air direction





Bleed fan



+ Certificates
The performance data is based on prototype test of a twin-cell unit (Type FC-INF-DF-L10-C2), conducted by VTT, Finland, according to standards of EN 779-2012, ASHRAE 52.2-2012, EN ISO 16890-3:2016 and ISO 12103-2016. 
+ Applications
  • Industry
  • Civil buildings
  • Defense
  • Nuclear
+ Literature