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FUCARE compact inertial filter(sand separator) launched


FUCARE launched its new safety product line, FC-INF-DF compact inertial filters, often called self-cleaning sand separators. Unlike most of the products in market, the size of FC-INF-DF is much smaller yet providing the same air flow thanks to its innovative T-shape filtering structure which enables more filtering panels working in a certain size of filtering chamber, without compromise to its filtering efficiency.

It is modular designed, to serve the demands on high-efficiency dust filtering of large volumes of air at low flow resistance. It is a completely steel structured product which separates dust by mechanism of multiple-phase flow dynamics, with no need of replaceable purifying materials. The dust separated will be bleed out by a small bleeding fan.  The air consumed by bleeding fan ranges from 10% to 15% depending on efficiency mode. The product is maintenance-free for long-term service. 

The comprehensive 3rd party lab tests have proved that FC-INF-DF is one of the best inertial filters in market. 

FC-INF-DF Inertial filter can fit most of the applications such as air conditioning and ventilating systems in heavy industrial conditions, areas with dust, sand storms or other solid particles in the air.

For more details, please visit the product link: FC-INF-DF Compact Inertial Filter

[ About FUCARE ]

FUCARE is one of the world’s leading suppliers on air safety solutions with particular focus on high-performance blast protection solutions. 

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