FUCARE provides comprehensive blast protection products for shelters including blast valve, blast damper, blast door, blast window and other supporting lines.
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FC-RBV-31 High Performance Blast Valve

FC-RBV-31-D250 rapid blast valves are specifically developed for those applications where high air flow rate and blast protection from high peak pressure are required. It could stand the overpressure up to 20 bar reflected with long duration and shut off in milliseconds. It also could stand multiple blast impacts and maintains full functions after blasts. Its stream-line shape enable the high air flow efficiency.

FC-RBV-31-D250 rapid blast valves mainly serve civil defense, OGP, nuclear power plants, marine and chemical applications, etc.

+ Features&Benefits

·      High performance of blast resistance

Being able to stand multiple blast impacts with peak pressure reflected up more than 20 bar by long duration and maintain all functions after blasts.

·      High performance of protection

Being able to completely close in very short time to assure approximate 100% impulse block rate.

·      High ventilation volume

Ensuring the high air flow efficiency with the streamline design.

·      Automatic-reset

Being able to retrieve ventilation function automatically after the blast so as to minimize the maintenance.

·      Double acting

Providing protection from both positive pressure hit and sucking phase.

·      High corrosion resistant performance

Being made of chemical-resistant materials and fit for all corrosive conditions.

+ Specifications

Designed peak pressure: >20 bar peak pressure reflected                                                                                                                 
Designed blast duration:  >70ms

Impulse block rate:> 99% (20 bar reflected/30ms) 

High temperature resistance: >40 mins at 300ºC

Air Flow Rate: Intake 1,500 m3/h at 100 Pa pressure drop

                          Exhaust 1,250 m3/h at 100 Pa pressure drop

Blast wall thickness:>320mm

+ PN

ATO PN:   FCRBV31D250[A][B]





Material of valve body

1-Stainless Steel 316

2-Stainless Steel 304

3-Hot galvanized steel


Material of closing disc

1-Stainless Steel 316

2-Stainless Steel 304

+ Certificates

Product is type tested at VTT, Finland. Test reports are upon request.

+ Applications
  • Civil defense
  • Nuclear power
  • OGP
  • Chemical
  • Others
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