FUCARE provides comprehensive blast protection products for shelters including blast valve, blast damper, blast door, blast window and other supporting lines.
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Rainshields are used to provide rain-proof and ventilation functions to those applications where blast valves and dampers need to be installed on the roofs of buildings. FuCare rainshields could provide sufficient air flow the blast valves and dampers through unique design.
+ Features&Benefits
  •    Customized wind-resistance grade

Wind-resistance proof grades range from 7 to 12.

  •    Customized air flow resistance

Designed for specific blast valve or blast damper to ensure zero flow resistance

added to of blast valve or blast damper.

  •    Maintenance free design

Stainless steel made frames and sectional aluminum blades or optional stainless steel blades assure long-term maintenance free.

  •   High corrosion resistant performance

Made of chemical-resistant material and fit all corrosive conditions.

  •   Bias top surface

Top surface is bias by 5 degree to ground surface to assure self-clean.

+ Specifications
Material: Stainless frame, Aluminium alloy or stainless blades.

Sizes: For specific blast valve or damper type.

+ PN



Material of frame

1-Stainless Steel 316

2-Stainless Steel 304


1-Sectional Aluminum

2-Stainless Steel 316

3-Stainless Steel 304


1-Stainless Steel 316

2-Stainless Steel 304

Wind Resistance Grade

7 (17m/s)

9 (24m/s)

12 (32m/s)

+ Certificates
+ Applications
  • OGP
  • Chemical
  • Power
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Civil defense

+ Literature