FUCARE provides comprehensive blast protection products for shelters including blast valve, blast damper, blast door, blast window and other supporting lines.
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FC-BPD-PH Ballistic Door

FC-BPD Ballistic doors are designed to provide high-level ballistics protection to many high-risk military installations, government buildings, embassies, and VIP residences. The protection performance of this product meets UL752 Level 8 and NIJ Level III and it is type tested by Intertek. 

FC-BPD-PH Ballistic doors could be also offer excellent blast protection against high blast pressure.

+ Features&Benefits
  • Excellent ballistic protection
    Providing ballistic protection by UL752 Level 8 and NIJ III against assaulting weapons.
  • Optional blast protection upon request
    Providing blast protection upon specific project definition.
  • Great durability with heavy-duty door hardware.
    Door hardware designed for heavy-duty applications in long term.

+ Specifications

Ballistic Protection

UL752 Level 8 and NIJ Level III

Frame / Door leaf materials

Powder coated steel/Stainless steel with bullet-proof steel enhanced

Vision Panel (Optional)

Toughened laminated glass


SS304 Heavy-duty hinges

SS304 Level handle lock

+ PN
+ Certificates

UL752 Level 8


Product is type certified by Intertek.

+ Applications

Government buildings


Military facilities


Safe houses

+ Literature