FUCARE provides comprehensive blast protection products for shelters including blast valve, blast damper, blast door, blast window and other supporting lines.
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FC-BRD-01 Swing Blast Door

FC-BRD-01 series blast doors are designed to block the blast waves through the passage ways into the protected buildings. Its steel structure assures the reliable protection against blast impacts under tough conditions such as high temperature or fire.

Enhanced by new generation hardware including IP65 rated heavy-duty hinges, heavy-duty panic bar set and heavy-duty latches, the product line carries better performance on robustness, durability and maintenance-free.

FC-BRD-01 series blast doors could serve wide range of applications, including civil defense, OGP, new energy and other applications where blast-resistant protection is required.

+ Features&Benefits
  • Strong blast resistance
    Being able to stand blast impacts with peak pressure up to 7 bar for long duration.
  • Fire-resistant
    3-hour fire rating for the toughest scenarios.   
  • Air tightness
    The seal of door frame ensures the good performance of tightness. 
  • Excellent durability
    Enhanced by new generation heavy-duty hardware, offering more durability
  • Different colors for options
    Door’s color can be customized upon requests.
+ Specifications

Door frame/leaf material: Coated carbon Steel 

Hardware material: Stainless Steel 304
Designed protection grade: Up to 7 bar for long duration
Fire resistance: >3 hours 

+ PN

ATO: FC-BRD-01-[A]-[B]-[C]








W(opening width)




H(opening height)

+ Certificates

Blast type test done by ASTM F2927(2012) at Intertek
Fire type test done by NFPA 252(2017), CAN/ULC S104(2015), UL 10C(2016), UL 10B(2015), at Intertek
IP65 rating to heavy-duty hinges according to ISO60529:1989/AMD2:2013/COR1:2019, at SGS

+ Applications
  • OGP
  • Chemical
  • Nuclear power
  • Others
+ Literature